DRC: Pierre Lumbi will join Félix Tshisekedi’s CACH

Pierre Lumbi Okongo 678x381
Pierre Lumbi Okongo 678×381

The President of the Social Movement (MS), according to the information in our possession, has announced his support for Cape Town for Change, for which the President of the Republic Felix Tshisekedi is the moral authority.

According to a close friend of Pierre Lumbi who confided in anonymity, said that the president of the MS Party and Executive of Ensemble pour le changement Moïse Katumbi will publicly announce to the media in a few days, that he now joins the CACH

“I do not prefer to reveal the secret of the Party dear Roberto, but in anonymity I wish to inform you that our MS Party under the leadership of the moral authority Pierre Lumbi, we will announce our position in a few days, but it would also be possible for us to join the development ship with CACH.”

An unusual scenario took place on Monday, October 7 in Bukavu, during the meeting held by Head of State Felix Tshisekedi, “an opposition Party the MS of Pierre Lumbi came to publicly support the President of the Republic.

To this end, Félix Tshisekedi greeted the presence of Pierre Lumbi’s MS during his meeting

“We also have the opposition parties, as I have the opportunity to meet the MS comrade at the airport and even in the streets, I welcome their presence here and thank their leader, including President Pierre Lumbi for allowing them to arrive here. It is a great message, a message of unity. My struggle and my struggle is to see the Congolese people united behind their institutions for peace and well-being,” says Felix Tshisekedi.

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Pierre Lumbi Okongo 678x381

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